Announcement: Teacher Training

ACES is very pleased to announce that teacher training will be offered for the very first time to any teacher in Australia who is interested in receiving classical training. Dr Robert Woods from Kepler Education in America will be offering online the Paideia Pedagogy Certification course over 3 months beginning on September 10. The course will run on Saturday mornings from 8:00 am to 9:30 am and includes 8 sessions which last for 90 minutes each. Dr Robert Woods is a certified instructor for the National Paideia Centre, Headmaster of Veritas Christian Academy and the director of teacher certification for Kepler education. The course costs $700 AU dollars and there are different payment plans. To read more about the course please visit

For further information please email us at

This is a unique opportunity Australia. We at ACES are very grateful to Kepler Education. Let the classical training begin so we can slowly form the teachers who will eventually teach in classical schools in our country!


  • Getting at the Grassroots

    Classical education has witnessed incredible contemporary growth in the United States. This movement has been driven by two distinct phenomena: a bourgeoning local, independent school sector (frequently tied to a Christian religious denomination) and a rich homeschooling tradition. The common factor in both, which I consider significantly accounts for their success, is that they are grassroots initiatives. American classical schooling relies on a dedicated mass of parents who turn to teaching themselves or are willing to forgo some expense to ensure their children receive the best form of education because they believe the current model is seriously deficient. These parents have read books, studied, raised funds and banded together to promote their interests and those of their families.

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  • The Purpose of Education

    Dr Kevin Donnelly AM

    What does it mean to be educated and what is the purpose of education?  How such questions are answered is crucial as education, in addition to being essential for the wellbeing and continuation of one’s community and society, distinguishes civilised cultures from those that are primitive and less advanced.

    Education also deals with the physical, moral, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects of each individual and how she or he finds happiness and fulfilment.  To be educated is to appreciate what constitutes the good life and to be able to identify right from wrong and true from false.  Education, in addition to providing entry to employment, also addresses existential questions about the meaning of life and the nature of universe in which we live.

    • About the Author: Dr Kevin Donnelly AM, Senior Research Fellow at the Australian Catholic University, and Co-chair of the 2014 review of the National Curriculum.

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  • On Becoming a Classical Teacher

    Jennifer Ruth Dow

    What makes one a classical teacher? How is a classical teacher different than a “regular” teacher? How does one become a classical teacher? While we could certainly have this conversation over several hours with more discussion to follow, let me offer a starting point with a few pillar ideas that speak to the question.

    • About the Author: Jennifer-Ruth Dow, Director of Paideia Academics.

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